New artificial skin is invented that is sensitive to temperatures

From the University of Houston, in a project led by professor of mechanical engineering Cunjiang Yu. He comes with an invention that could much help in the development of prostheses.

It is a new type of artificial skin that allows the robotic extremities feel warm and cold. That is a material still in development that could help people who lost a membrane can feel again, as published in the journal Science Advances.

New artificial skin is invented that is sensitive to temperatures

New artificial skin sensitive to temperatures

They indicate that semiconductors, both organic and inorganic, cannot be stretched. But in this case, we have a rubber compound that allows the possibility of extending without any particular mechanical structure.

The artificial skin comes through silicon polymer. That comes from polydimethylsiloxane. And a hardened material made of small nanowires capable of carrying an electric current. Also, the manufacturing process is relatively simple, with high tolerance to deformations and low cost.

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In the demonstration, it was possible to verify that the robotic hand covered with this skin was able to perceive the temperature of the hot and icy water. Also, on another occasion, it received flags from a computer to later realize the language of the signals.

The material is more than just an artificial skin. As it could enhance the development of other electronic components and help create new health monitors, surgical gloves, medical implants and more.



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