More tools for Artificial Intelligence from Microsoft

Microsoft is emphasizing Artificial Intelligence and launches new tools for developers in Visual Studio as well as some related services.

Microsoft is a company that for the most significant part is dedicated to software. Yes, it has gotten to manufacture computers, mice, and telephones, among many other things. But apparently, its most important business is the software, and its developments are by the times. For example, they already have something called Azure Machine Learning Enhancements. That is to provide services for those who are in jobs that have to do with learning machines.

More tools for Artificial Intelligence from Microsoft

On the other hand, in Visual Studio have already presented, since early September. That is a series of tools to work in Artificial Intelligence, where they can develop, test and generate solutions in AI and deep learning.

Future AI Treadmill First Artificial Intelligence System

Integration with Azure Machine Learning seems to be the next step, where you can keep track of what is being done, the performance of machine training, as well as generate your parameters to evaluate how the software behaves working.

Artificial Intelligence from Microsoft Deep Learning

For this reason, the new Visual Studio tools for AI is an extension of a platform that supports the environments for deep learning, including Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK), Google Tensor Flow, Theano, Keras, Caffe2, among others. Does it support Python, C / C ++? C # and gives more support for what they call BrainScript Cognitive Toolkit. It also presents a kind of explorer to compute objectives. That allows tasks such as training models in remote environments like Azure Virtual Machine or Linux servers with GPUs.

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Microsoft Word Artificial Intelligence Correction for Styles

By integrating with Azure Machine Learning, it is possible to easily navigate through a gallery of experiment examples, using CNTK, TensorFlow, MMLSpark and more.

Also, Microsoft Cognitive Services, the cloud that has the APIs. That Microsoft has made available to developers to incorporate applications of the AI and even apps for Android, iOS, and Windows. For example, the Text Analytics service includes API functions such as language detection, keyphrase extraction, and sentiment analysis. That is now generally available to everyone.

Bing Custom Search

Bing Custom Search, which will be available in October. This service will allow developers to design and build web search applications without a line of code. But only by placing the bits of the web they find interesting and using state-of-the-art AI technology to help identify these subsets.

Microsoft believes that this technology can empower businesses of any size and type. That ranges from small businesses to larger organizations. And to design and have applications created for specific searches on the web.

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