Artificial intelligence, Artificial intelligence would fully understand human feelings in the future,

Artificial intelligence would fully understand human feelings in the future

One of the advantages of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is that it could think or act like a human being to perform activities or functions optimally and in the shortest possible time, although these tools must be used by homo-sapiens, often the technology is incomprehensible to us. In fact, we never stop talking about the human-machine factor, which could be an obstacle to the progress of technology. But this will soon change, as a group of scientists claims to be developing an AI that “understands the human being”.

Artificial intelligence, Artificial intelligence would fully understand human feelings in the future,

Artificial intelligence involves the development of advanced technologies that perform automatic learning algorithms, artificial neural networks that essentially mimic brain functions. However, one area that science has found difficult to “imitate” is the feeling of human compassion and intuition.

First steps towards an empathic AI

According to the study presented by the researchers, the design of the AI includes a model of a person or a machine that subsequently had to learn some of the user’s actions. They developed automatic learning algorithms based on computational statistics that they tested in a series of simulations.

The algorithms were tested to check whether the AI could understand the human situations presented to it, and later they took shape by recreating a computer simulation model.

“That was difficult, especially since learning artificial intelligence could decide what it wanted to learn,” explains Samuel Kaski, director of the EZV and professor at Aalto University.

In the next experiment, they used the AI as a search engine, users could search for target keywords related to what they need, and file other results, once again showing that artificial intelligence could be more efficient when it understands what a user is really looking for.

According to Kaski, one of the project’s researchers, there is still a lot of work to be done even though scientists are working on a design for this technology: “So far we have been able to build artificial intelligence systems that understand users’ goals only in very simple situations, which means that designing really uses artificial intelligence assistants requires a lot of extra effort.

Currently, many technologies are trying to develop perfect intelligence that is able to understand and even feel like people, but it is a long process that starts from the complexity of the human brain, but some companies are already developing technologies that allow people to feel like others, for example, this mirror that mimics Tony Stark.


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