Myriad X Intel launches Movidius visual processing chip for VR helmet

The computer company Intel has bought the company Movidius specialized in the construction of Artificial Intelligence processors for robots, drones, and VR devices, among other new advances. The acquisition of this endeavor by Intel aims to equip computers with the technology called RealSense, based on three dimensions and the provision of advanced cameras in PCs, as well as AI applications that allow the recognition of objects, and The ‘learning’ of machines.

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Myriad X for Virtual Reality

Yesterday, Intel officially launched the next generation of Movidius visual processing chip, its processing power more powerful, can be used in cutting-edge equipment, such as UAV, VR helmet, smart camera, wearing equipment and robots. Myriad X is very small, with self-processing capacity, because Intel believes that it is the ideal device platform VPU.

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In addition to the neural computing engine, Myriad X is also equipped with 128-bit VLIW vector processor, can be configured to increase the number of MIPI channels, visual accelerator enhancement, also installed 2.5MB homogeneous on-chip memory.

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Intel can purchase through Movidius low-power chips that can power these RealSense cameras.

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The agreement signed by Intel and Movidius states that the IT company will win with Movidius in “accelerating new and emerging technology initiatives.” Specifically, particular emphasis on the take-off of Augmented Reality, Virtual and Mixed technology, among the main futuristic beats.

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The primary factor of AI is that it establishes the self-learning capability of the machines. That combined with computer vision will make processors able to track, navigate and recognize maps, scenes, and objects. This agreement also underscores Intel’s commitment to RV and unmanned drones.

It is not the first time that Intel has committed to AI-related purchases. But it is the first acquisition with chips that can get in smart homes and robots. In short, this is a future bet by AI by Intel towards the creation of increasingly intelligent and advanced chips. That is capable of creating authentic ‘brains’ for machines.


Myriad X, Myriad X Intel launches Movidius visual processing chip for VR helmet, Optocrypto

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