Intel Project Alloy Augmented Reality With Virtual Reality and 360 Degree Experience

Intel Project Alloy
Project Alloy

Everyone knows that Intel has already announced to step in Virtual reality world in 2016. Finally Project Alloy that has been presented in this CES fair 2017. This as a whole is a all in one virtual reality, augmented reality and 360 degree solution.

This project has been completed with latest technology Intel Real Sense cameras that allow users to pass through real world and virtual world. This works with the combination of virtual reality and augmented reality, a close competitor of Microsoft HoloLens. With Project Alloy one can see his hand with the person virtually created through project alloy, thus augmenting the reality.

Project Alloy
Project Alloy

During CES 2017 fair, Intel company have also launched a demo game for playing with this project alloy. For this purpose a special room was designed in which all players can move freely and this environment was filled with zombies and fighting with them with controllers.

What is worth noting is that Project Alloy does not need any connections with computers, because Intel has used its computing brain in Alloy Head-Mounted Device HMD. This intelligence power allows users to move freely in all three dimensions without interaction of disturbing wires. With project alloy users can explore the virtual world by moving in real time world. Hence a virtual world is created with project alloy and actual world actions and movements and interactions will put you in a room that does not really exist but you still feel the created characters and can interact with them in a programmed way. Such as shooting zombies, fighting with VR created character and much more. Project Alloy is really a perfect solution with augmented reality.

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With the help of this technology you will be able to see the combined reality that is you can see the real world imposed at virtual world. You can feel other person hands or can even see a wall right behind you and you just pass through it by walking. With the help of Intel real Sense technology you can not only see the real world elements but also you will be able to interact with them in a virtual space.

No external sensors

It is to be noted that there are no external sensors used in project alloy. The whole technology is manufactured by implementing only RealSense cameras. These cameras are totally independent of any external sensors or configurations or any cameras in the room, this is all in one device and does not need anything extra.

Project Alloy that was previously available to only developers in 2016 is now in its completing phase. Now it’s time for other developers for creating personalized applications for this product so that more and more applications can be made for users. It development platform is still kept open by Intel. More Over Intel is also working with Microsoft to optimize windows content for virtual reality applications.

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