Jaunt produces 360-degree Selfie Avatars in Mixed Reality

Imagine if you can generate your 360° avatar in just a few moments. This is basically the idea of the new technology currently being promoted by Jaunt.

Jaunt 360 degree selfies in 3D mixed reality

Jaunt is a company that is well known among virtual reality enthusiasts. Until then, it has specialized in creating virtual reality content and 360° experiences for the general public. However, the company is now turning to the professional market, such as this 360-degree Selfie system.

Jaunt has changed tack and this is reflected in its ambitions. A shift from the goal of becoming the Netflix of VR to B2B. ” Our goal is to be the global partner of choice for the production and distribution of immersive content. We used to focus on the general public. We wanted to be the Netflix of VR and bring people to a Jaunt website. We have repositioned ourselves as a B2B company,” explains George Kliavkoff, CEO of Jaunt, in an interview with VentureBeat.

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The new technology enables real-time volumetric video recording. A technology that is actually supposed to be accessible blended with a smartphone. To do that, the company is using these tools at their disposal. The company is using 6 Intel RealSense depth cameras and images, all of which are then processed in real time to create a 3D and 360-degree rendering and bring it to the screen. Definitely, the rendering seems to be very efficient.