Microsoft will say goodbye to Xbox Virtual Reality

It appears they expect great changes in virtual reality. Because Microsoft is getting ready to say goodbye to Xbox virtual reality. Launched in 2016, at the height of this technology boom, it seems that things have not gone as the company had hoped. Although it has not been confirmed so far, it has been an executive of the company who has commented on it in an interview.

Microsoft will say goodbye to Xbox Virtual Reality

Microsoft will say goodbye to Xbox Virtual Reality

In this interview, Mike Nichols, Microsoft’s marketing manager, said that the company has no concrete plans with this technology at the moment. Implying that it’s going to be abandoned soon.

Xbox Virtual Reality

The specific reason why Microsoft has no plans to develop this technology on the Xbox is not well known. The market may not have responded to the expected signature. However, no concrete explanations have yet been given in this regard. What seems clear is that the company wants to focus on the use of mixed reality in computers.

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So it looks like we can’t expect new virtual reality titles to be available for Xbox at the moment. A major change of direction for the American brand. But they haven’t given much explanation so far.

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This could mean that the advanced support that was promised long ago will not come. There will surely soon be some explanation from Microsoft about this. Because I’m sure there are many users who are dissatisfied with this decision.