MSI Optix G27C: HD curved monitor with HD display on VA matrix

MSI Optix G27C: HD curved monitor with HD display on VA matrix

MSI launched its new arrival in market by introducing MSI Optix G27C curved monitor. Optix G27 serves high end array, with millions of colors and very high response time. What’s best in this monitor? MSI generally produces equipment specialized for gamming applications and hardware. After their technological shift from all in one (AIO) computers and gamming laptops they have now introduced gamming monitors, introducing Optix series of monitors. Their first innovation Optix G27C have ha diagonal matrix of 27- inches and will be introduced in market very soon. That is going to be a best price and performance tradeoff.

MSI Optix G27C: HD curved monitor with HD display on VA matrix
MSI Optix G27C


  1. Who is the original manufacturer of VA matrix of MSI Optix G27C?
  2. What are major advances in specifications of MSI Optix G27C?
  3. What would be expected price of monitor?

This monitor will be launched with a stylish outlook and slim body style. There is a slim short frame around the curved screen. Monitor base is big and robust but still occupying a small space. Colors are eye smoothing as dull black with red inserts in it. I/O connectors include typical jacks and ports including digital DVI, Display port 1.2 and HDMI 1.4 which fulfils its best compatibility with today available high end brands for MSI Optix G27C.

MSI Optix G27C detailed specifications

VA panel of MSI Optix G27C is manufactured by Samsung which is a very high quality and durable matrix. The built-in default resolution of monitor us 1920X1080 pixels and radius of curvature is 1800 R, offering brightness of 300 cd / m² , aspect ratio 16:9, contrast of up to 3000:1 and viewing angle of 178 ° which is best for typical monitors. What distinguishes this monitor is its refresh rate of 144 Hz.

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MSI Optix G27C: HD curved monitor with HD display on VA matrix

MSI Optix G27C provides an amazing response time, which is just 4 ms (Gray to Gray) and only 8 ms for full palette of colors, which in turn covers 85 percent of NTSC and provides SRGB of up to 110 percent. This monitor provides superb color rendering technology in combination with the high quality matrix array. It also provide anti-flicker technology for smooth and quality display and one of its advantages is that it emits very low blue light emission as compared to other monitors.

MSI Optix G27C is special for gamers in respect of refresh rate and frame per seconds. There are built-in FPS setting for many game vendors and games genres which provides best performance and visualizations to gamers without any further settings. However there are customizable settings of display for any type of applications.

 MSI Optix G27C: HD curved monitor with HD display on VA matrix

MSI Optix G27C is going to best choice in market in respect of price and performance ratio, MSI carefully launches its product in market by focusing eye on available technologies and types of matrixes currently available in market. This deal will surely compete in market.

Gamer Choice

But still this will not be an ideal choice for gamers because of average response time of 8 ms. But utilizing technology in combination with VA segment matrix it provides great visualization results. So keeping in view of all its advantages and operating parameters it is difficult to assign MSI Optix G27C competitor in market. However MSI pushes its monitor in market in respective of low price of abut 345$. Overall this is a high rated monitor for gamers.

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