MSI MAG Optix G27C4, 1500R curved monitor to offer 1080p @165Hz

Gaming monitors are always innovating, and this time MSI is introducing a new product: the MAG Optix G27C4 1500R.

MSI MAG Optix G27C4 is announced as a 1080p @ 165Hz curved monitor

With the MAG Optix G27C4 1500R, MSI has a curved monitor with a 27 inch, 178°/178° curved screen and a high refresh rate of 165Hz.

The MSI MAG Optix G27C4 1500R has a number of very impressive features. These include:

  • 165 Hz Update rate
  • Support for AMD FreeSync
  • Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080)
  • Response times of 1 ms
  • 178° Viewing angle
  • anti-glare system
  • DisplayPort 1.2a (required for FreeSync)
  • Two HDMI 1.4a connectors
  • Blue light reduction and flicker-free LED backlighting
  • Dimensions – 611.5 mm × 225.4 mm × 457.9 mm
  • 5,4 kg Weight

While the design looks impressive, MSI didn’t say exactly how much it would cost at the time of writing. A sound assumption, however, suggests that this won’t be cheap. Also for standard bow monitors.

MSI MAG Optix G27C4, 1500R curved monitor to offer 1080p @165Hz

With a refresh rate of 165 Hz, it is, however, a significant step forward from many of its competitors and will be a good choice for those who pay more attention to the more immersive/competitive aspects of gaming, such as a high refresh rate. We will keep you informed as soon as we know the price.


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