Microsoft Teams now supports one-on-one calls in Safari

Microsoft Teams is one of the most widely used apps in the world, especially in business and education. The app is constantly updated with new features, some of which we recently introduced to you. One major improvement is introduced in the app in Apple’s own Safari browser: support for one-to-one calls.

1-on-1 calls are conversations that are only between two people. Until now, these types of calls were not supported in Safari, but that will soon change.

This improvement, as already confirmed, will be introduced in Microsoft Teams in October. In the call section of the app, you will find the call button that allows you to make a call or a video call with just one person. This feature was missing in Safari, the browser of Apple devices, and its absence has finally been fixed.

This improvement comes on top of another one that was also announced a few weeks ago for the Safari version of the app. It was announced that the app will introduce 2×2 gallery view support for group video calls, something that was also missing in this version of the popular app.

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In a few weeks, Microsoft Teams users on Safari will be able to access this improvement, so 1-on-1 calls will finally be supported in the app. Microsoft didn’t give exact dates but only said that this feature will be rolled out during the month of October. You just have to wait for the notification about its availability.