Microsoft presents Sonar, a tool for “scanning” websites

From Microsoft comes the evolution of a tool that was released in 2013. They now present sonar, a free online resource to analyze the health of a website, giving information on what can be improved.

In the blog of the company comment some advantages concerning previous versions:

Microsoft presents Sonar, a tool for “scanning” websites

Microsoft presents Sonar, a tool for “scanning” websites

Also, that includes the execution of website code instead of static analysis. That comes with more flexible and modernized rule set, parallel testing and integration with other services. So, that is an entirely open source codebase from the first day.
Help analyze issues related to accessibility, performance, security, emerging standards, and other matters. And that tool has an update every few months as the web evolves.

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The tool, thri=ough this we can test the URL of the website that we want to analyze, not only says what is wrong. Also, it shows the reason so that each developer understands if it is a problem that affects him or not.

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They have decided to donate the project to the JS Foundation in the early summer. So it can grow with community collaboration. Also, it comes with Ax Core, AMP validator, snyk.Io, SSL Labs, and Cloudinary.

Once we indicate the URL we want to “scan” we will have to wait a few minutes since there is a queue of relatively significant. Even so, each analysis has a unique link. So we can always save it for later verification.