Home Max is a powerful Google speaker with integration with your Assistant

Google sticks squarely in the field of home speakers. But of those of reproducing quality music, and not as mere personal assistants like Home or Alexa. The new Home Max has two 11.4 cm bass speakers with two additional 1.78 cm treble to enhance the sound quality. The loudspeaker housing is made of a rigid and resistant material that favors sound. Also, the front is covered with a fiber that is “acoustically transparent”.

Home Max is a powerful Google speaker with integration with your Assistant

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In addition Wizard Google -control voice, answering queries and home automation control. And among others, includes Smart Sound, optimizing sound reproduction according to the environment in which the speaker is located, what they are listening. And other factors such as creating a balanced equalization for the listener, and in a transparent way.

Home Max Specifications

They have a 3.5mm input, USB Type C, Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth, and you can pair two speakers to work in stereo, but also synchronize the music of all Google devices with home speakers, such as Home or Chromecast. Its size is 336 x 190 x 154 mm and weighs 5.3 kg. It has a quad-core processor Cortex-A53 1.5 GHz and will work with Android and iOS.

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Its price will be $ 399 once it goes on sale. And that will be when the US Federal Communications Commission gives its approval to the device. It will be available in white and black.


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