Microsoft Edge officially launched on the basis of Chromium

Microsoft determined to launch its redesigned Edge Browser, now based entirely on Chromium, Google’s chrome navigation engine.

Microsoft decided that it is time to launch its redesigned Edge Browser
Microsoft Edge officially launched on the basis of Chromium

To be honest, this is a completely different browser from the one we knew, and Microsoft’s change of focus has allowed Edge to become slightly better and more open than ever before, thanks to the Chromium engine, the most widely used in the world.

First of all, Microsoft’s new Edge browser is compatible with Windows 7-10, MacOS, iOS and Android. Edge is no longer just a browser for Windows 10, Edge is designed for everyone, and this design decision will certainly help the adoption of the browser. A Linux version of the browser is also planned.

Another factor that forms the basis for this Edge relaunch is the use of chrome, which replaces Microsoft’s EdgeHTML rendering engine to provide better support for today’s websites and better support for third-party add-ons and extensions.

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In the near future, Microsoft’s new Edge browser will be released along with the new Windows updates, but the browser is now available as a separate download if you want to try it out.

Compared to Google’s Chrome browser, Internet users have a choice: Who do you trust more – Microsoft or Google? At the moment Microsoft has no plans to remove the old browser version of Windows 10, as Edge HTML is still used by some organizations.