Meizu plans to launch a 5G phone to the market in 2020

Many Android brands are currently working on their own 5G phones. Some of them will arrive by the end of this year, while many other brands will introduce them in 2020. Meizu is one of the companies already working on this first 5G phone. The Chinese brand is expected to be launched next year.

Meizu will launch a 5G phone next year

Meizu plans to launch a 5G phone to the market in 2020

Since last year, the company plans to make the leap to 5G. So this is an important start for them, which will eventually take place next year.

Although we’ll have to wait long enough in this Meizu case. Because this smartphone will not be officially launched on the market until the last quarter of 2020. So we will have to wait more than a year before it is finally official. Although the company has already talked about 5G phones planned for next year.

“As a result, it is likely that several 5G compatible models will come onto the market. We still don’t know how many phones we can expect from the brand in this way. But its president is talking about several so far.”

Meizu prefers to wait until the 5G networks are more established worldwide and there is a certain consumption rate by now.


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