Mad Catz RAT 8: A modular mouse with Pixart Optical Sensor

Mad Catz RAT 8: A modular mouse with Pixart Optical Sensor  

A sophisticated new generation mouse is announced by Mad Catz that is surely a modular masterpiece. Its RAT 8, equipped with advanced sensor technology Pixart, what other features this mouse represent.

  1. What sensor technology is used in RAT8?
  2. How many additional keys are there other than traditional keys?
  3. How much width of this mouse can be extended?
  4. What modular functionalities are there in this RAT 8 mouse?

Computing world recognizes RAT world a few month ago by looking at RAT series of mouse that presented by Mad Catz in their premier shops. There are about six models; among them absolutely RAT 8 is undoubtedly an interesting one.

From the structural point of view, it has up to six variants, while classifying in weights it has two main categories and it supports 11 numbers of additional keys and weight ranges from 145 to 163 grams only.

Rat physical core is robust and durable which is made of aluminum on which all modules are fitted properly. There is also a back thumb key which we can freely adjust in two planes.

Mad Catz RAT 8: A modular mouse with Pixart Optical Sensor

For exact and precise control latest technology optical sensors are utilized, Mad Catz utilizes most advanced optical sensor pixart PMW 3360 with a sensitivity of about 12,000 dpi. While it’s maximum acceleration is about 50G and provides a speed tracking of 6.3 m/s at 100 Hz. Push switches durability is maintained my leading electronics manufacturer Omron and that switch service life is ensured up to 50 million clicks.

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A dedicated software FLUX is specially designed for configurations and setting of this mouse, in which one can have personalized settings as per their demands and up to maximum of 3 preference profiles can be programmed with this mouse. There are not just macros, precession, sensitivity and reporting it also presents 3 interesting color zones of illumination. You will be able to configure between million of colors and their illumination operating modes.

RAT 8 mouse is going to be preferred on its competitors in market because of its major advantages on other specialized mouses which are heavy in size, weight and even un affordable, this entry is surely going to be attracted by majority of users because of its special features.

Mad Catz RAT 8: A modular mouse with Pixart Optical Sensor

Because of its full customization capability without destroying quality and sci-fi look it’s going to be the best choice. However some users may be discouraged by its ergonomics design or unusual construction or may be facing cleaning problems. But among all RAT series mouses overall RAT 8 is a master piece by Mad Catz. This mouse has already been putted in market for sale. Its price is about 100 Dollars.