Lenovo Mirage Camera, camera to create virtual reality content

Lenovo announced during the CES celebration the Lenovo Mirage Camera, a new virtual reality camera that will allow us to capture and relive memories as if we were really at the moment. The Lenovo Mirage is an RV camera that simplifies the creation of virtual reality content. With this camera, we can quickly capture video and photo, with direct wireless upload to Google Photos and YouTube. Also, the VR180 eliminates the need for specialized knowledge in virtual reality videography. It will also prevent us from having to purchase professional recording equipment.

Lenovo Mirage Camera, camera to create virtual reality content

The Lenovo Mirage Camera is the perfect complement to the Lenovo Mirage Solo. This camera with Daydream technology will allow us to create virtual reality content and then see it in the glasses. With this compact camera, we only have to point and shoot to create content in virtual reality. Also, the Lenovo Mirage Camera supports the YouTube VR180 video format.

On a technical level, the Lenovo Mirage Camera equips two 13 megapixel cameras with the fisheye format. That allows you to capture images at different angles to form a 3D effect. The two lenses also offer a field of vision of 180 x 180 degrees.

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Launch Lenovo Mirage Camera features

As we said, the Lenovo Mirage Camera seeks to simplify to the maximum the creation of content in virtual reality. Looking for that simplicity, the device includes only three buttons: on, shot and function. It also includes three operating modes: photo, video and live broadcast. We can also connect to it with our smartphone using the WiFi Direct function.

Videos recorded with the Lenovo Mirage Camera can be viewed on YouTube without the need for any individual device. However, when we enjoy them the most, it will be if we have compatible virtual reality glasses. And just like regular videos, you can edit VR180 videos with programs like Adobe Premiere Pro.

Lenovo Mirage Camera launch Google

Lenovo Mirage Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 processor

In addition to the two annotated lenses, the Lenovo Mirage Camera includes a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 processor. That is accompanied by 2 GB of RAM and a removable battery. To store the content, we will have 16 GB of eMMC memory, but also a microSD slot that carries cards of up to 128 GB. Thanks to this powerful hardware, the camera offers up to two hours of continuous use recording high-resolution video.

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And since part of Google’s technology has been used. So, Lenovo comes with the services of Google Photos and YouTube. We can also upload live broadcasts to our YouTube account directly from the camera.

The  Lenovo Mirage Camera will arrive in the second half of the year with a price still unknown.