Detu MAX, 3D, 8K and 360º Virtual Reality camera with built-in AI chip

Detu MAX is a Virtual Reality camera that is raising quite a bit of expectation among Kickstarter users, which is why, shortly after launching its campaign, it has already achieved its funding target of about $20,000.

Detu MAX, 3D, 8K and 360º Virtual Reality camera with built-in AI chip

And it is not for nothing, given its letter of introduction, as it is a Virtual Reality camera aimed at professional photographers and creators of virtual reality content enabling immersive image capture of high quality.

Part of the fault for this quality lies in its own Artificial Intelligence technology, integrated in its own chip, which not only tracks the objects in real time to capture them in the most realistic 3D way possible, but also takes care of joining videos and images captured in the camera itself, avoiding editing through them through computers.

As the campaign points out, the camera is capable of capturing 12K images, 8K videos, and even live 2D and 3D transmissions, both wired and wireless. They also aim to be the only camera that can take 3D images with great clarity from a distance of 1 meter, pointing out that the others on the market can only offer clear 3D images from 3 meters onwards.

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In any case, those interested can learn more about the Detu MAX camera through the website of your Kickstarter campaign, which will be active for 19 more days.