Mirage Solo, the maturity of Google’s virtual reality

Google announces new VR product, Mirage Solo. They team up with Lenovo to create an autonomous mobile eyewear model. Google started with the basics, just a folded cardboard, and cheap glasses. Cardboard was born as its viral plan to raise awareness of the potential of virtual reality.

Mirage Solo, Mirage Solo, the maturity of Google’s virtual reality, Optocrypto

What does Mirage Solo offer?

After spreading more than two million devices, the time has come to mature. They did it with two Daydream models, as they call their system, but they were still dependent on the mobile. With Mirage Solo, a lightweight helmet manufactured by Lenovo.


Only a day before Facebook confirmed that their glasses in this same category would be manufactured by Xiaomi. Clay Bavor, vice president of virtual reality and augmented in Google, emphasizes the importance of the launch: “We will be able to offer a better experience without using a phone. With quality. And also in the creation of content with Yi, his company specialized in cameras “. That was another one of the ads, a 180-degree camera.

Bavor believes that Mirage Solo is the most powerful and comfortable model. “You put it on, and it works.Also, the quality of the content is similar to that of the models connected to a mobile phone. Also, it has external sensors and space references “, he emphasizes.

As often happens with this technology, part of its success will depend on the adoption of developers and creators, even before consumers choose a specific platform. Bavor is aware of this: “We are working with developers to take full advantage of these technologies. A sample is a game based on Blade Runner that adds to a 250 application catalog. ” Added to this is the impressive YouTube catalog in this format, as well as Street View, to travel the streets as if they were in them.

Live Broadcasting

A fascinating point of Mirage Solo is its ability to broadcast what is seen so that contacts can see it on television at the same time.

Mirage Camera wants anyone to be able to keep their memories most realistically. The camera 180 degrees wish to be able to relive these situations again and again. “It’s so simple that anyone can use it,” they stress at Lenovo. It goes on sale now with 4K definition and Wi-Fi connection.

Bavor specified that this format would be native to Google Photos or YouTube, without the need for editing or changes. In this case, it is similar to how Facebook manages this same format. The camera has a Qualcomm 626 processor, the same as the most popular mid-high range phones. Both devices will arrive mid-year, presumably, during the Google I / O developer conference.

Mirage Solo, Mirage Solo, the maturity of Google’s virtual reality, Optocrypto

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