Lenovo announces tablet with Windows 10 and new ultra-thin notebooks for 2018

We’ve heard a lot about  Motorola in recent months thanks to the company’s many smartphone launches. So, his owner, Lenovo, ends up in the background, but not at this time of year, when the Chinese company shows that it is not for fun and presents a lot of news.

In anticipation of everything that will be exhibited at CES 2018, the company announced today (4) the launch of no less than 10 laptops from four different lines: ThinkPad X, ThinkPad T, ThinkPad L and Lenovo Tablet.

ThinkPad X

The year 2018 will feature two new ThinkPad X models, the X280 and the X380 Yoga. Still, without giving much detail on each of the parts, the manufacturer only informs that both are equipped with Rapid Charge Rapid Charge system and with that, it takes 60 minutes in the socket so that they have enough power for 16.6 hours (X280 ) and 13.6 hours (X380 Yoga) of use.

Lenovo announces tablet with Windows 10 and new ultra-thin notebooks for 2018

ThinkPad X280.

Lenovo guarantees that the X280 is 20% lighter and 15% thinner than its predecessor. The X380 Yoga supports the Hello Windows authentication system, which uses face recognition and infrared camera to ensure the security and privacy of the process.

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ThinkPad X380 Yoga

ThinkPad X380 Yoga.

The ThinkPad X280 has a starting price of $ 999, while the ThinkPad X380 Yoga costs starting at $ 1,459 (about $ 4,700). The two notebooks are still being sold during January 2018.

ThinkPad T

There are three new models of the ThinkPad T line for 2018: T480s, T480, and T580. The trio comes equipped with the eighth generation of Intel processors, infrared camera, digital reader and a proprietary security system called ThinkShutter Camera Privacy. The manufacturer guarantees that the products can withstand up to 27 hours of uninterrupted use away from the wall outlet and the T580 has resolution options up to UHD.

ThinkPad T480

ThinkPad T480.

Presented as one of the lightest business notebooks, the T480s weighs just 1.31 kg. And that costs starting at $ 1,269 (about $ 4,000). The ThinkPad T480 has an initial price of $ 989 (approximately $ 3,2 thousand) and the T580 costs from $ 1,079 (something around $ 3,400). The three notebooks are beginning to be sold later this month.

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ThinkPad T480s

Lenovo T480s.

ThinkPad T580

ThinkPad T580.

Lenovo ThinkPad L

The ThinkPad L family gained four new members earlier this year: L380 Yoga, L380, L480, and L580. The idea of the update is to offer more size options for users, with thinner, lighter 13-, 14- and 15-inch models with a few tweaks in the design. Touchscreen options and all machines equipped with the eighth generation of Intel processors are also the differentials of these products.

ThinkPad L380

ThinkPad L380.

ThinkPad L380 Yoga

ThinkPad L380 Yoga.

Also, the ThinkPad L580 can bring AMD graphics card priced starting at $ 769 ($ 2,500). The new series L380 Yoga costs from $ 549, the L380 from $ 449 ($ 1,400) and the L480 from $ 779 ($ 2, 5 thousand). The quartet begins to be sold in February 2018.

ThinkPad L480

ThinkPad L580

The ThinkPad L580.

Lenovo Tablet 10

The latest machine announced by Lenovo this Thursday is the Lenovo Tablet 10. Also, that is a detachable device that offers mobility and practicality to the user. It comes with Windows 10. Also, that brings a stylus to ease the handling of content on the touchscreen. And ensures 9 hours of use with a battery charge.

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The security is under the control of a fingerprint reading system. And that device will be on sale as of this month. Still, no price revealed.

Lenovo Tablet 10

Lenovo Tablet 10.

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