Intelligent Edge new AI chip from Microsoft that will integrate with Raspberry Pi

Microsoft is working on new AI chip Intelligent Edge. That will be a complete solution for offline artificial intelligence for the Internet of things (IoT). The use of artificial intelligence in devices that are available to the public is a big problem of today. And this is because the level of knowledge that AI requires can only get through permanent internet connectivity. Since the key to making use of these systems is that the device connects to a more powerful hardware that will manage all the requests for the instrument.

Intelligent Edge new AI chip from Microsoft that will integrate with Raspberry Pi

With an internet connection, many vendors in the world incorporate artificial intelligence into their technologies. One of the most important AI platforms comes from the big giant Apple platforms, Siri. That has an advance product HomePod which utilizes this AI technology for users amusements.

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Another one is Amazon with Alexa and Google with its Google Virtual Assistant, while counting many other options that exist in the market. The point is that if we want, for example, a car to have such systems, we can not trust that it will be available at all times. That is you cannot connect to the internet all the time while traveling. That will inevitably cause some breaks in your network. So, it is necessary to have artificial intelligence platforms directly on our devices which will provide AI features without making your device online. That is something that from Microsoft is working on, and it seems that we already have the first solutions.

Intelligent Edge

According to this new project, Microsoft seeks to make artificial intelligence available to everyone. So, even developers can use it to implement it in their applications and devices without having an internet connection.

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That is how they have developed a first microprocessor almost the size of a grain of rice, which can be programmed and executed using a Raspberry Pi 3 or Zero to implement neural network systems in a wide variety of devices and places.

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This project is known as ‘Intelligent Edge. That is the company Varma and researchers from Microsoft in Redmond, who have managed to compress 32-bit processor for neural networks within this chip. The goal of this is to bring artificial intelligence closer to the local hardware. So, that will cut the dependency on large servers in the cloud. And it also means a significant reduction in data consumption.

Intelligent Edge With Raspberry Pi 3

The first tasks that this microprocessor will do is the collection of data. All the information will be collected using external sensors that will get the data of location, temperature, voice, video, and other functions that will help to result from artificial intelligence.

However, this product is still in its first stage of development. And still, there is a long way to go before we see this Intelligent Edge working on the machines. But Microsoft wants the community developers and manufacturers to accelerate with this project and finalizing its product.

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And because of this reason, there are several machine learning, and neural network training algorithms come at GitHub. And these algorithms are ready to be used in practice. Also, another interesting news is that this chip and its algorithms are totally compatible with Raspberry Pi.