Intel will be the first to use TSMC 3nm chips

There is a lot of speculation about the TSMC 3nm manufacturing process.  There is an increasing availability of details about the next big bet in terms of the chip manufacturing process. More specifically, TSMC’s 3nm lithography.

According to current reports, Intel will be the first company to use the manufacturer’s 3nm chips, surpassing even Apple.

The Taiwanese manufacturer is a leader in lithography innovation at this level, but it also focuses on developing 2nm and 1nm chips.

Early last month, it was said that Apple, currently TSMC’s largest customer, and Intel would be the first to receive the Hsinchu-based company’s new 3nm chips.

But now there is new information suggesting that one of these two candidates will come out on top. According to IT Home, Intel will be the first to use chips manufactured using TSMC’s 3nm process. Production will focus on graphics chips and server processors. Therefore, Intel will be even ahead of Apple in introducing this lithography in its products.

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As mentioned earlier, mass production of these chips is planned for July 2022.

Although TSMC did not comment much, Chairman Liu Deyin responded to shareholders when asked about his opinion of Intel in the foundry business. Intel is a customer of TSMC and believes it will also adopt TSMC’s innovative technology for its fabs,” he said.

According to TSMC’s supplier network, the manufacturer is working hard to install equipment in its 3nm fab to respond to Intel’s numerous requests. Suppliers said those orders included a graphics chip and three server processors.