Intel Lunar Lake surfaces in Linux drivers as successor to Meteor Lake

Intel started adding support for its processor platform in Linux drivers, codenamed Lunar Lake.

Intel Lunar Lake now appears in Linux drivers

Lunar Lake will be the 14th generation of Intel Core processors, having already launched Alder Lake and Meteor Lake. Therefore, this step of the company is of great importance, which means that the development of the 14th generation of processors will continue.

Intel has added support for network controllers that will be used in the next generation of CPUs for years to come, but the addition clearly indicates that the company is working on something called Lunar Lake, which will sit on top of the existing e1000e network controller that already supports products like Tiger Lake and Alder Lake.

This hardware addition will be incorporated into Linux 5.15, which is scheduled for release in the fall. When the 14th generation CPUs hit the market, they will be fully compatible with Linux.

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From the drivers, it appears that Intel will continue to use the I219 GbE, although vendors can continue to use their own more advanced 2.5 GbE, 5 GbE, or 10 GbE solutions.

Intel Lunar Lake surfaces in Linux drivers as successor to Meteor Lake

Intel Lunar Lake is shown as the successor to Meteor Lake, which is scheduled for 2023. This means that this generation will not arrive until 2024. It is unclear whether this processor generation will use a completely new architecture or whether it is an improvement of the heterogeneous design introduced with Alder Lake.