Intel continues to dominate AMD on the steam platform with 82.63% share

Steam hardware statistics for February have been released, and we can observe that Intel’s dominance over AMD continues and even increases this month. Intel manages to increase its share of steam players by +0.54% over January.

Intel continues to dominate AMD on the steam platform with 82.63% share

82.63% of players have an Intel processor, while 17.34% of players have an AMD processor, the two together reached 99.97%, so there are 0.03% of players who use other processors that are not from either of them.

We also find that the most commonly used processors, whether AMD or Intel, have a frequency between 3.3 and 3.69 GHz. These frequencies apply to Windows and Linux systems, but not to Mac systems, where the most common processors have a frequency between 2.3 and 2.69 GHz. Does this mean that Mac processors are one generation behind Windows computers?

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Despite this decline, AMD still holds the 17% share of steam players. This is the first time since October last year that AMD has lost ground. Looking at the statistics, October to November 2018 is the period with the largest increase for AMD. For this reason, Intel’s slowed down until everything was reversed in February. We will see how everything develops this year, where Intel and AMD will introduce their new processors for the desktop market.