Intel stock is rising despite a fierce attack by AMD

Intel stock is gaining ground because of a strong foundation and stall after Ryzen 3000. In recent years, the most notorious talk on the computer CPU market is “AMD YES!”, which is not just a hoax, but also proves that AMD has really thrived in the processor in recent years, and the market share is also growing. However, according to the latest statistics on x86 processor market share for Q1 2020, published by Mercury Research, a major market research agency, Intel’s share is 85.2 percent and AMD’s is 14.8 percent, an increase of 0.3 percent compared to Q4 2019.

Quad-core processors still dominate the mainstream, with more than half of gamers still using quad-core processors for gaming, with a 49.66% share. When you look at it that way, Intel’s share is justified at this high, because among quad-core processors, Intel’s old products, such as the previous generations i5 and i7, this year’s sales can far exceed AMD. At the same time, the share of six-core processors is also gradually increasing, reaching 24.91%, which is of course Intel’s specialty.

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Although Intel’s share in volume is still very exaggerated, however, this is also related to Intel’s tremendous foundation, even if under AMD’s strong attack, there is still no lowering of the price, I fear that AMD’s market share will always be higher and higher.