Intel CC150 processor mysteriously appeared in the 3DMark Time Spy test

Intel CC150 processor mysteriously appeared in the 3DMark Time Spy test

In the 3DMark Time Spy database, the test results of a very interesting Clevo laptop based on the Intel CC150 processor appeared, which is not part of Intel’s main product line.

Mysterious Intel CC150 processor “lit up” in the 3DMark Time Spy test

We have heard of this processor before, but this is probably the first appearance on a productive gaming notebook. The processor belongs to the Coffee Lake chip family and is manufactured in the LGA 1151 housing. It has 8 cores and 16 threads, but no integrated graphics subsystem. The TDP level of the processor is 95 watts. Another interesting feature is the missing support for turbo mode. The chip works with a constant frequency of 3.5 GHz.

Information about the unusual hardware base of the Clevo P7xxTM1 model was noted by the well-known TUM_APISAK. The total performance of this portable game station on 3DMark Time Spy was 9,548 points. In the CPU test, the system received 8609 points, in the graphics – 9736 points. Based on the test data, the Intel CC150 is somewhere between the Core i7-9750H and the Core i9-9900K.

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It is stated that the laptop is equipped with Windows 10 with 16 GB RAM and a 1 TB solid-state SSD. It’s true, we don’t know yet, and not the fact that we will ever know. Maybe the laptop itself, which ” sparkles ” on 3DMark Time Spy, is just a prototype that will never be sold.

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