Instagram will start integrating with WhatsApp

As many already know, like WhatsApp, Instagram also belongs to Facebook. So the famous social network owns two of the most popular applications in the world. For some time we have seen how WhatsApp and Facebook services are unifying in certain aspects. Now, it’s time to do the same with Instagram. Since with that feature, it will integrate with the messaging application.

Instagram will start integrating with WhatsApp

The integration between the two applications is to bring a new function and that users may like very much. Instagram will allow us to share our stories on WhatsApp. So all those who make use of them can share them with their closest contacts.Instagram will start integrating with WhatsApp

Instagram will start integrating with WhatsApp

Share Instagram stories on WhatsApp

Soon we will see an option that allows us to share them on WhatsApp. In this way, by doing so, the status of WhatsApp will come out with the Instagram icon in the corner. Thus, our contacts will know that it is a story that we have shared. As usual, after 24 hours, it will be erased automatically.

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The date in which this function will reach the application is not known. At the moment, it seems that this feature is being tested by a small group of users. But, the social network has not commented anything about its possible release date. Although, everything indicates that it will be soon.

It was a matter of time that Insta-gram and WhatsApp were to integrate some of their services. So this may be just the first step of collaboration between the two applications. Without a doubt, an essential first step. What do you think about this new function?


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