Instagram will allow us to silence our contacts

A month ago it was announced that Instagram would soon introduce a feature called mute. Thanks to it, we would be able to silence our contacts (stop seeing their posts) without having to block or delete them. A function that has finally become a reality and will arrive in a few weeks for users of the popular social network.

Instagram will allow us to silence our contacts

Instagram already allows us to silence our contacts

This is a function that we already know because it has been present on Facebook for quite some time now. So it’s nothing new, but it’s something I’m sure a lot of users on the photo social network missed. He’s here now.

Thanks to the function we will no longer have to see the publications that a certain person uploads to Instagram. So, without having to stop following it or block it, we don’t have to worry about what they upload on the social network. The way to silence a user is very simple. We simply need to look at the profile of the person in question.

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Once there, we enter the menu (three vertical points) and we will get several options. We’ll see that one of the new options is to silence that user. So we simply have to select this one. In this way, we can forget about this person’s publications.


The feature is not currently available to users, although it should be available in the coming weeks. But no specific date has been revealed for the time being. So we hope to know more in the coming days.

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