Garmin Speak: Car GPS Navigator with Alexa

Alexa – the voice server developed by Amazon – continues to show its versatility. After showing his most beloved qualities within Echo, the Amazon smart speaker, some manufacturers (such as Ford and BMW ) have begun to integrate it into some of their car models. Now, Garmin has announced a smart speaker called Speak, which promises to make road navigation even more advanced.

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Garmin Speak: Car GPS Navigator with Alexa

Garmin Speak: LED Indicators

Speak is a small, discreet device with a LED ring. Also, there is a simple OLED display that can point the right direction to the driver. That is not all, of course, because Alexa’s voice will accompany and specify the visual indications. As well as allow interaction with the driver (or passengers) to receive traffic, weather, or world news information.

It is installed on the inside of the front window of the car. It is a compact and stylish design that is compact as Echo and portable navigation.

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Garmin Speak does not include the GPS function, navigates by acquiring the position from the smartphone. Moreover, Internet connection for Amazon Alexa’s cloud communication is not made by Gaming Speak.

It is a mechanism to use a smartphone. For this arrangement, a free Garmin Speak application will install on the smartphone. In fact, it is hard to imagine that you do not have a smartphone when you ride a car. So there is no practical problem.

Garmin Speak: Car GPS Navigator with Alexa

In addition to simple navigation, Garmin Speak is attractive to be able to use Alexa skills. Because the way the LED unique to Alexa devices also has full support. So, anyone using Amazon Echo at home can use it without any discomfort.

Pricing Details

The price is 149.99 dollars.




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