Alexa app for iOS now includes voice control

Just a few weeks ago Amazon updated the Alexa app for iOS and since then it also supports the iPhone X display. Now the giant is bringing the next big update for the app and fulfilling a promise. Version 2.2.216514.0 finally brings the voice control via the app. Previously, this feature was only available to Android users. Amazon Alexa now also positions directly on the iPhone and iPad.

Alexa app for iOS now includes voice control

Some time ago Amazon made it clear that they are striving to offer Alexa on as many platforms as possible. In addition to its own smart speakers, the Sonos One and other products, the language assistant will soon also be integrated into new BMW models. Alexa is also available on Android devices via the app of the same name.

Since yesterday it can also be used on iOS devices, as Amazon has updated the Alexa app to version 2.2.216514.0 and added direct voice input. However, it is not enough to say “Alexa” to start the language assistant. The app must not only be open, but you must also press the new button in the navigation bar to give a voice command.

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It was already clear in advance that Apple would not allow Amazon’s language assistant to compete directly with Siri. Therefore it is not enough to say “Alexa”, similar to “Hey Siri”, to give voice commands. In the app, voice input works like an Amazon echo and offers similar features, so you can answer questions, control smart home devices and play songs. Thanks to the display you also get a visual feedback like you may already know it from an echo show or echo spot.