Connect Tag: Samsung Introduces New Tracking Device

Connect Tag, Samsung has officialized a new device focused on tracking items. That will have many uses for tracking children or older people, pets like dogs or cats, or things considered of value. Such as professional cameras or other things not especially wanted to lose the view and to have them located at all times.

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Connect Tag

Connect Tag Two Variants

That is the new Connect Tag, which will be available in two versions. Also, the one with the hook to put them include in pet collars. Or even you can add it in keyrings or other elements to pay particular attention. And another one that is more discreet with flatter aspect to add in those other objects to follow up. Point out that they are devices that are IP68 certified and that has a battery life of one week on a single charge.

Connect Tag Objects Tracking

To track the objects, you have to use the corresponding application. That will be compatible with Marshmallow Android devices or higher (there will be no version for iOS at the moment), the Connect Tag will combine GPS signals, Wi-based positioning -Fi (WPS) and cell phone cell identification (integrates eSIM card) to perform triangulation of the device location.

Samsung points out that the Connect Tag is the first device to use “narrowband technology. That is  a cellular communication standard specially designed for the use of small data, low power consumption and the ability to connect securely to the internet for services of optimal location .”

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Also, it will be compatible with the Internet ecosystem of the company’s SmartThings. At the moment it will only go to Korea before expanding to other markets. It is not yet known at a price to be released. But tomorrow they will make an official presentation in San Francisco.




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