G.Skill presents its DDR4 memory optimized for Coffee Lake and the Z370 chipset

G.Skill has added even more variety to its memory module catalog with the presentation of specific models for the new Coffee Lake processors and the Z370 chipset. The first two kits are from Trident Z RGB to 3733 and 4000 MHz tested on the ROG Maximus X Hero Wifi ac motherboard with a Core i5-8600K and will be sold in kits of 64 and 32 GB respectively.

G.Skill presents its DDR4 memory optimized for Coffee Lake and the Z370 chipset

G.Skill Trident Z RGB Design

Also, these are the other kits are from Trident Z, ranging from a speed of 4000 MHz to 4600 MHz. So, they are memory modules that are not cheap and whose main application has it with specific programs that can benefit from these speeds. Its voltage goes from 1.35 V to 1.5 V, which is 25% more voltage than recommended for ls DDR4 by the JEDEC specification. In addition, the latencies range from CL 19-19-19-39 to 19-25-25-45. In addition, they use Samsung B chips. So, that traditionally use the maximum memory kits, with a manual screening.

Most of the motherboards presented are compatible with memory profiles (XMP) of 4000 to 4200 MHz. And some of ASRock become compatible with the 4600 MHz. If it is not possible with the memory profiles, they have to be used to upload them manually in the BIOS.

Frequency (MT / s)LatenciesKitVoltageTrident ZTrident Z RGB
4600CL19-25-25-4516GB (2x8GB)1.5 VYes
4500CL19-19-19-3916GB (2x8GB)1.45 VYes
4400CL19-19-19-3916GB (2x8GB)1.4 VYes
4200CL19-21-21-4132GB (4x8GB)1.4 VYes
4000CL19-19-19-3932 GB (2×16 GB)1.35 VYes
4000CL18-19-19-3932GB (4x8GB)1.35 VYes
3733CL17-19-19-3964 GB (4×16 GB)1.35 VYes

Via: The Tech Report


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