Corsair launches a new memory kit Vengeance DDR4-4000 SO-DIMM 32GB

Corsair has launched a new DDR4 SO-DIMM memory kit within its Vengeance product range. That consists of four 8GB modules at speeds of 4000Mhz. This new option represents a much faster alternative to the DDR4-2400 memories. That usually includes the portable or pre-assembled equipment that we often see. That is offering a higher bandwidth and saving the apparent distances between what is traditionally equipped today in the apparatus of the desktop.

Corsair launches a new memory kit Vengeance DDR4-4000 SO-DIMM 32GB

Corsair launches a new memory kit Vengeance DDR4-4000 SO-DIMM 32GB

This new kit, which becomes the fastest SO-DIMM kit in the world. Also, that comes with timings 19-23-23-45 to DDR4-4000 with a voltage of 1.35V. Although its primary profile is DDR4-2400 comes with some timings 16-16-16-39 to 1.2V.

Although this kit is ideal for portable or pre-assembled computers with seventh or eighth generation Intel processors. But the fact is that it is also interesting for some of the ITX options with SO-DIMM memory for X99 or X299 platforms. In which we can take full advantage of the quadruple DDR4 channel.

To make this possible, we have selected the best Samsung B-die DDR4 memory chips. That allows a CL19-23-23-45 latency with a voltage of only 1.35V to reach its incredible speed of 4000 MHz. Of course, they are fully compatible with XMP 2.0 profiles to be able to overclock effortlessly. An elegant heat sink is responsible for preventing overheating as well as helping to protect the delicate components of the PCB.

CORSAIR VENGEANCE SODIMM DDR4 4x8GB is guaranteed for life. Also that will be available for purchase very soon through the dealers authorized by Corsair.

The new Corsair Vengeance 32GB SO-DIMM DDR4-4000 (4x8GB) kit has a suggested retail price of € 614.95 and can be purchased right from the Corsair website.


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