Five Best Mobiles you should not miss in 2020

Despite the coronavirus crisis, this will be a year of remarkable new launches in the mobile phone industry. We will see the consolidation of the folding screen and new bets on the format of the phones in the new models. Although so far most proposals with folding screens have failed, manufacturers insist on continuing along this path. 2020 will also be the year of Microsoft’s return to the mobile market and the consolidation of 5G in premium models. These are the most important exponents that will come onto the market in the coming months.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, the folding bet grows

Samsung made a strong bet by introducing the world’s first folding mobile to the market with the original Galaxy Fold. With this launch, everything was new: a new folding screen, a new telephone format, the adaptation of the platform… Many unknowns for a completely new product that crashed at its premiere just because of the rush. But this second version of the fold would if the forecasts prove to be true, raise the bar considerably for this new segment. The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 would have a larger screen, up to 8 inches in size, replacing plastic with a much more durable glass; rumor has it that it would integrate the S-pen as well as the home note. Moreover, the Fold 2 would be the first one that could be folded under the screen with the Selfies camera.

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Galaxy Note 20, the good stuff, even better

Samsung will remain true to its vocation and continue to develop the Galaxy Note family in a market segment: large-screen mobile phones. This year, the new model will be called Galaxy Note 20, and what could be the phone’s rear casing has also leaked, indicating a significant change in terms of the camera. In terms of design, the new model would maintain the line of the current version, drawing on performance improvements and especially the expected support for 5G networks and the 120Hz screen refresh rate, which will be particularly appreciated by gaming fans.

Surface Duo, the expected return of Microsoft

Nobody really expected it, and it was in fact the most visible face of the new Microsoft style, that announced the return of the giant to the mobile arena. The Surface Duo, as the new device is called, might not be said to be a mobile phone itself, but, like the Galaxy Fold, it eliminates the fine line that separates mobile phones and tablets today. The Surface Duo is very similar to Samsung’s devices, but solves the problem of screen folding in a less sophisticated way. While the Koreans chose a new screen technology, the Redmonders chose the safer way: two screens connected by a hinge. But don’t experiment with the platform: the Surface Duo has Android and Google Play support, which guarantees the bandwidth of the applications. And of course the new device will have a very high quality camera system.

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iPhone SE 2, the ‘low cost’ saga continues

This list would not be complete without Apple and its iPhone, and this year the manufacturer of Cupertino was able to present up to five models that target different user profiles. The renowned analysts covering the company’s leaks argue that Apple would launch the expected renewal of the iPhone SE, an economic terminal, within the canon of the range and oriented towards those who do not need a big screen or technical sophistication. The iPhone SE 2 would include improvements in the processor area, fingerprint unlocking (instead of FaceID) and a single lens in the camera area. All these limitations would result in a starting price of $399 for the device, which is very attractive considering that it is an iPhone.

iPhone 12, Apple finally hugs the 5G

The iPhone SE 2 would be the appetizer for iPhone 6 and 6s owners to upgrade their models, but those looking for the latest technology in the Apple ecosystem should keep a close eye on the iPhone 12 Pro, the top model in the range. This mobile phone, due to be announced at the end of the year, would be equipped with a LiDAR sensor, of which we have already seen a preview in the new iPad, but above all with the expected support for 5G networks.

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The iPhone 12 would be presented in two versions, each with two screen sizes: iPhone 12 (5.4” and 6.1”) and iPhone 12 Pro (6.1” and 6.7”), with both models reducing the size of the top tab that houses the sensors and front camera. The LiDAR sensor is another example of Apple’s commitment to augmented reality and can also be used to enable better results in photos with distortion effects.