Finally, Intel admits that it is losing market share because of AMD

The battle in the x86 market was very fierce and Intel admitted unbelievably publicly that it had lost market share. Jason Grebe, corporate vice president, spoke to an analyst at the Citi Global Tech Conference and confirmed that his company has lost market share (with AMD) and outlined the future challenges it will face to maintain its market share.

“In general, if there is a sale of a CPU on the planet, we want to be a part of it. So, we don’t look at any segment of the market and say, well, let’s get away from that segment or what we don’t care about from there. We want to aggressively compete in all segments.

As we went through the problem of delivering processors from the last 6 to 12 months, we had to move away from some markets such as low-end laptops and some affordable desktop processors. But as we continue to improve our supply situation, we will become more aggressive there.

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Although Jason didn’t mention AMD directly, he admitted that the company has lost market share in both mobile phones and desktop devices. The first step to solving a problem is clearly to accept that it exists, right?