AMD captures nearly 20% market share in notebook processor segment

AMD Ryzen 4000 Series notebook processors changed the company’s market share in this segment and more than doubled the company’s notebook sales in the last quarter.

AMD gains nearly 20% market share in notebooks

AMD captures nearly 20% market share in notebook processor segment

According to Mercury Research, the market share of AMD laptops is now 19.9%, highlighting AMD’s new breakthrough with Ryzen in the laptop arena.

At the moment, the x86 market is a two-horse race, and these market share gains by the company have been at the expense of Intel. Nevertheless, Intel has the opportunity to win back part of this market with Tiger Lake, a new CPU design with powerful integrated graphics and leading single-threaded CPU performance.

AMD has a 19.2% share of the x86 desktop market, with an overall market share of 18.3% for x86 desktops. In the customer market, AMD has not seen market share figures since the first quarter of 2012, as is now the case, and currently has a 19.7% share of the customer segment.

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According to recent reports, AMD’s profits in the notebook market are limited by the production rate of AMD’s Ryzen 4000 series processors. AMD may not have sufficient production space at TSMC to meet the current market demand for Ryzen 4000 series processors, a factor that could prevent red company from moving quicker against Intel.

Nevertheless, the Ryzen 4000 laptop APU chips represent a new milestone for AMD on laptops, and many laptop manufacturers rely on these chips for their high performance and low power consumption.