EPYC 7773X Milan-X: Qualification sample for sale at $2,800

EPYC 7773X Milan-X: Qualification sample for sale at $2,800

The EPYC 7773X Milan-X processor with 3D V-Cache technology has appeared on the aftermarket as a qualification sample. Referring to AMD’s official parameters, we can see that a single EPYC 7773X CPU has 64 cores / 128 threads with 256MB L3 + 512MB stacked SRAM cache (804 MB total). The base frequency is 2.2 GHz / acceleration up to 3.5 GHz, and the maximum thermal design power (TDP) is 280W.

EPYC 7773X Milan-X: Qualified sample sold for $2800

Qualifying samples (QS) of AMD’s EPYC 7773X processor have arrived on the Taobao platform, priced at $2,823.97 per unit.

AMD announced its EPYC Milan-X processors with 3D V-cache last November, a technology that increased cache memory from 256MB in the previous generation to 768MB L3.

EPYC 7773X Milan-X: Qualification sample for sale at $2,800

The official launch of these processors has not yet taken place, although it is announced for the first quarter of this year. This means that the launch will be sooner rather than later.

Milan-X’s top-of-the-line processor will have about 64 cores and will be based on the Zen-3 architecture with a 7nm process node. In addition to the 768 MB of L3 cache, the chip will run at a base clock rate of 2.2 GHz and a boost clock rate of 3.5 GHz. The TDP of the EPYC 7773X Milan-X is 280 W.

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The specifications seem to vary slightly in the Taobao listing, giving a clock speed of 2.1 GHz and an unknown boost clock speed. It is possible that the review sample runs at a slightly lower clock rate than the upcoming retail model.

The new processor model with 3D V-cache will not require a large investment from servers since it still uses the SP3 socket.

The same recipe for increasing cache memory will also be applied to the Zen 3 desktop processors. In addition, an earlier set of benchmarks have revealed that the EPYC 7773X (Milan-X) can easily outperform the EPYC 7763 (Milan) processor in various categories.

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