Difference between AMD Athlon 200GE and Intel Pentium G5400

AMD Athlon 200GE and Intel Pentium G5400 are two processors recently come to the market for average users. Nothing to hide, the statistical user of the computer rarely needs top components. For surfing the Internet, simple office work or watching a movie, it is enough to configure what the players admire for a fraction of the price. At the same time, the view is that in such scenarios the optimal choice is one of the dual-core Intel Pentium processors because they are cheap and energy efficient.

Difference between AMD Athlon 200GE and Intel Pentium G5400

AMD Athlon 200GE and Intel Pentium G5400 are two of the most economical processors we can find on the market, both are based on the powerful microarchitectures Zen and Coffee Lake respectively, so they are two direct rivals. In this comparison, we will analyze both processors to see which one is the most interesting. AMD Athlon 200GE vs. Intel Pentium G5400.

Let’s first look at the technical properties of both processors. In this chaos, the comparison is very simple because it’s two silicon cores and four threads. The only differences are in the type of microarchitecture of each company and the operating frequency, which is slightly higher in the Intel processor. The AMD processor is more energy efficient due to its lower operating frequency.

Difference between AMD Athlon 200GE and Intel Pentium G5400Difference between AMD Athlon 200GE and Intel Pentium G5400
To analyze the performance of both processors in applications and their power consumption, we looked at Techspot tests, a reliable medium that always does a good job. The tests cover the most common applications such as Cinebench R15, Blender Corona, 7-zip and many more.

  Sandra 2016 Cinebench R15 Crown 1.3 Blender 7-zip Excel 2016 PC MARK 10 LOADING CONSUMPTION (W)
AMD Athlon 200GE 28.7 GB / s 130/360 623 s 109.8 s 10758 MB / s 12.0 s 4604 67
Intel Pentium G5400 27 GB / s 154/389 543 s 132.2 s 11906 MB / s 9.05 s 4801 76


To evaluate the performance of both chips in games, we repeated tests from NJ tech, a YouTube channel that also does a very good job. All games were tested at a resolution of 720p, and both average and minimum SPFs are marked.

As we can see, the Pentium G5400 is superior in the CPU test, mainly due to its higher operating frequencies than the AMD Athlon 200GE. However, there is one exception in Blender that seems to work better under Zen architectures than under Coffee Lake. The difference between the two processors is not very big, but it exists and must be taken into account.

When we go to the games, the thing changes and much, the graphics core Vega 3 of the Athlon 200GE destroys the Intel UHD 610, in this case, the difference is much greater than in the previous applications. This is the difference that games like Battlefield 1 and GTA 5 are perfectly playable with the AMD processor, but not with the Intel processor. In terms of consumption, the Pentium G5400 consumes a little more, but the difference is marginal, we can consider it a tie.

Analyzing the performance of the two processors, it’s time to look at the price. The AMD Athlon 200GE has a selling price of 55 Euros, while the Pentium G5400 is currently sold for about 75 Euros. This is a difference of 20 Euros in favour of the AMD processor, this combined with its higher performance in games, and the small difference in applications makes the Athlon 200 GE our favourite. Intel’s processor prices are rising steadily, so this gap is likely to widen in the coming weeks.


Since all the tests have been completed, it’s time for a little summary, isn’t it? So the measurements clearly show that there is great potential in the Zen architecture – and this has been implemented several times. In general, however, the Pentium G5400 proves to be a faster processor in spite of everything, because in every test, apart from rendering in Blender, it occupies the top half of the charts.