AMD Athlon 200GE now available and priced for only 56.90 Euro

Following the presentation, AMD announces the availability of its Athlon 200GE, which is equipped with a Radeon Vega 3 graphics circuit and is a Zen architecture chip.

AMD Athlon 200GE now available and priced for only 56.90 Euro

It addresses the entry-level sector with a price below €60. It is aimed at PC configurations designed for everyday use.

Athlon 200GE, details and prices

This processor combines the x86 “Zen” architecture and the graphics architecture “Vega” in a versatile SoC design.

AMD promises with the following wording:

“The Athlon 200GE offers responsive and reliable computing for a variety of applications ranging from every day needs to more demanding workloads such as HD PC gaming.”

For the specification, that includes:

“It offers up to 67% more graphics performance and up to twice the energy efficiency for 84% faster HD gaming than the competition.”

The new processor has two physical cores coupled to SMT technology, i.e. four logical cores. Its frequency is calibrated to 3.2 GHz, while its iGPU has three graphics compute units. It has a 4 MB L3 cache and a DDR4-2667 MHz memory controller. The board is announced with a 35 W thermal envelope.

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The Athlon 200GE is available in EU at the recommended price of 56.90 Euro including VAT.