what is cloud computing and how does it work

Before explaining what is cloud computing and how does it work, it is important to know the back end story of this new technology. Today, cloud computing technology is used in a wide variety of Web services and applications, for both personal and business purposes. It’s quite possible that, without realizing it, you’re using a … Read more

Review: ASUS Chromebox 3 available in two variants

Asus has officially launched its new Mini-PC, the Chromebox 3. This is a new model that uses the Chrome OS as its operating system and also includes the Play Store. This is the first in the series that includes it. So users who buy this device can install Android applications on what offers many options. … Read more

IFA 2018 Berlin: 8K race for Samsung and LG. Who will win?

Concerning 8K equipment manufacturers, it is difficult to say that which one will win a certain amount of consumers because ultimately they will be involved in technological progress if they equip themselves with equipment that meets the new standard. This year’s IFA in Berlin is outstanding proof of the conspicuous landfill of 8K devices. The … Read more

Windows Live Essentials is still alive and you can install it on Windows 10

Things are tough in the world of software. Featuring how difficult it is to make your program or game successful and we find ourselves in confusing situations like closing Messenger (also known as Windows Live Messenger, Windows Messenger or MSN Messenger), a very popular messaging application that died before his time due to Microsoft’s decision … Read more

New GeForce RTXs – NVIDIA lightning Ray

NVIDIA has officially registered the name Turing and the brands GeForce RTX, and Quadro RTX, a declaration of intent directly related to the next generation of graphics cards and accompanied by a new specification filtration. From the very beginning, we start to provide an appropriate contextualization of this new information to better understand it. NVIDIA … Read more

Review of Xbox One X, the most powerful console with 4K and HDR

The new Xbox One X is already among us, and you can buy it worldwide for a not inconsiderable amount of 499 Euros. The Xbox One X, entitled “the world’s most powerful console”, marks the next evolutionary step in the console market with 6 teraflops of performance, native 4K, 60 FPS, Dolby Atmos sound and … Read more

AMD B450 vs B350 vs X470: Differences between chipsets

With the arrival of the AMD Ryzen 2000 processors, we have introduced a new generation of motherboards with the AMD 400 chipsets, which so far only contain the X470 and B450 chipsets, so we will analyze the differences between them and the previous models. AMD B450 vs B350 vs X470, differences between chipsets. First of … Read more

Review: Surface Go, Microsoft’s best specification at low price

Microsoft officially launches a new tablet in its Surface range, the Surface Go. This 2-in-1 device makes headlines because of the promise of a “Low-Cost Surface”.   Surface Go: Microsoft’s first one with USB Type-C port The Surface Go is the first Surface product in which the company has installed a USB-C connection. That’s a … Read more

Review: Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Reality tested

Finally, a new generation of virtual reality glasses entered the market. The glasses from Lenovo, Acer, HP, Asus, Dell and Co. are all based on the same technology licensed by Microsoft. Therefore, with the exception of the Samsung headset, which does not appear in Europe, all glasses have identical specifications, although the specifications for the … Read more

Review: Apple iPad Pro Tablet – The iOS 11 Beast

The new Apple iPad Pro 12.9 promises more performance, a more brilliant display and increased productivity with the iOS 11 update. Above all, the new 120 Hz technology and the P3 colour space are intended to benefit both the eyes and the Apple Pencil. In the test, we take a closer look at the top … Read more