Moasure ONE – smart motion detector measurement

I’m finishing my homework, so every gadget connected with this subject interests me much more than I used to. Looking for crowdfunding campaigns, you can come across many original projects. Some of them are merely clones of already proposed inventions. Sometimes it is possible to find something based on something less conventional.

Moasure ONE – smart motion detector measurement

Moasure ONE – smart motion detector measurement

For example, a reasonable measure that does not use optical indicators or lasers, but motion detectors. Such as on smartphones or smartphones. That will make Moasure ONE more practical and unrestricted in beam range.

I think I’ve written about smart measures before. However, Cubit was based on two laser meters. Moasure ONE wants to help differently. The tool is all the more interesting as it can also be used by walls. Everything is why it is based on motion sensors, so it remembers its position in 2D/3D space. I don’t think I have to enumerate the advantages of this method to the professionals. I used to install a pharmacy on a phone that could record room dimensions by placing a smartphone on the walls.

Here we had something very similar but hidden in a separate device. Simply “remove” the dimensions by applying the measure to the objects, and you get precise information. They are collected by a combination of an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a magnetometer. Theoretically, it should be possible to create an application with the same properties. Then our smartphone would become the yardstick. However, not every phone has the right gyroscope.

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How Moasure ONE works?

We are not limited by space or obstacles. Directly drive or apply the Moasure ONE measuring spool to get the measurements you want. I would be interested in such a measure now. Perhaps I can equip myself with one at the next move.

Builders and renovation teams will be more interested in the project. The authors promise that among the possibilities, besides evaluating the distance, there are also options for measuring angles, curves or levels. We can map the space as we want it to be. Not every type of measurement is always possible with a healthy measure, so if the job involves actual removal of various parameters, Moasure could have saved.

Availability and Pricing details

For now, the product has appeared on Kickstarter, where it is looking for financial support and raises funds for the implementation. The manufacturer also came complete with an application for iOS or Android, so that all the recordings go straight to the phone.