TimeFlip Time tracking gadget will organize your life

TimeFlip is here to organize your life. It keeps a strict eye on you for your goals completion. TimeFlip is a gadget with many useful features. Some of us try to manage our time through calendars and organizers, but ultimately it’s hard to get regular on time. So, the matter was solved by activity trackers. Thanks to the … Read more

Asus ZenBook 13 Specifications, ultralight laptop with a state-of-the-art processor

The new generation of Asus notebooks is here. Presented at CES 2018, the Asus Zenbook 13 is one of them. It is a laptop that combines the power of Intel Core processors of the eighth generation with a weight less than one kilo. Let’s take a look at all its specifications to learn more about this terminal. Also, that will … Read more

Ecovacs WINBOT X, a wireless window cleaning robot

Ecovacs Robotics, a company, specialized in domestic robotics, presented at CES Las Vegas a new model of its popular WINBOT range. The new robot is called WINBOT X. And that is a wireless robot for window cleaning. Yes, as you read it, you do not need cables. It works with battery and provides more efficient cleaning of the crystals … Read more

Cherry MX Low Profile RGB: New switches for flat keyboards

For the past 30 years, Cherry has built almost unchanged keyboard blocks. At CES 2018, the Auerbach-based hardware manufacturer Cherry has shown new, 35-percent flatter switches. That will be used throughout the year in keyboards by Cherry itself as well as manufacturers such as Corsair and Ducky. Unlike their predecessors, they are also suitable for notebooks. For the past … Read more

Mirage Solo, the maturity of Google’s virtual reality

Google announces new VR product, Mirage Solo. They team up with Lenovo to create an autonomous mobile eyewear model. Google started with the basics, just a folded cardboard, and cheap glasses. Cardboard was born as its viral plan to raise awareness of the potential of virtual reality. What does Mirage Solo offer? After spreading more than two million … Read more

10 fascinating gadgets on CES 2018

CES is the place where tomorrow’s exciting technology appears. But there are also products that are more fun than sensible gadgets. Here are ten examples. The machine that folds your clothes Do you use Muttra over the sadness that turns out when you refuse laundry? Then maybe this product is something for you. Foldimate is a machine that … Read more

Razer revives the hybrid computer with Project Linda

During CES 2018, Razer showed that the company’s first phone would form the basis of the hybrid processor, Project Linda. The CES fair was filled with the breadth of exciting technology news. The majority of the press was about smart assistants, smart speakers, and smart home gadgets, but regular consumer gadgets were also featured, and such … Read more

LIVA Q2, Liva Z2 and the Liva One SoC mini-PC with SoC Gemini Lake from ECS

ECS introduces LIVA Q2, Liva Z2, and the Liva One SoC mini-PC. In the mini-PC sector, there is the ultra-compact form factor (UCFF). That has left quite exciting models in the last couple of years. Thanks to improved performance and reduced consumption with the latest 14 nm lithographs, Intel’s Gemini Lake processors introduced last December will be ideal … Read more