TimeFlip Time tracking gadget will organize your life

TimeFlip is here to organize your life. It keeps a strict eye on you for your goals completion. TimeFlip is a gadget with many useful features. Some of us try to manage our time through calendars and organizers, but ultimately it’s hard to get regular on time. So, the matter was solved by activity trackers. Thanks to the new gadget, the tracking and recording of our activities motivated us to continue and maintain continuity in the analysis (reaching the goal). TimeFlip is a time monitoring gadget that can achieve similar results.

TimeFlip Time tracking gadget will organize your life

TimeFlip: How it works?

The TimeFlip device resembles a more robust board game cube (or instead RPG). However, a multilayer stable is much larger and has a different task. We do not draw the page here and set it up with symbols. Since then, the device counts time spent on a specific job and saves it to the mobile application on the smartphone.

It creates a whole sequence of events, that is, the history of our tasks with specific results. Of course, you have to remember about continually turning the cube. If we implement it and we will log in the data carefully, we will get quite impressive statistics.

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TimeFlip Time tracking gadget will organize your life

Such a database in the profile will give us a lot of information from the whole day, or even a week or a month. I will examine what we are wasting our time and where we could find more of it. It is an elementary system.

It comes for those who really would like to know the details about everyday functioning. The truth is that you have to go everywhere with TimeFlip. But this fact alone can increase awareness about the sense of wasting time. We prepare own walls ourselves. It all depends on the individual way of functioning and work.

The authors have prepared a set of stickers on pentagonal walls. There are a lot of them in the ankle, so we should fit all the most essential tasks that usually last a bit longer. For example, we can mark a field with fun or surf the net, but also duties. We determine the activities ourselves. You just have to enter them in the application, so that the whole time will come correctly.

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The project is trivial in its idea, but also very minimalistic in the format. It is a pity that it was not possible to create LED walls, then marking the fields would be more useful and much faster (and probably with a more excellent range of activity), but perhaps a bit more expensive. TimeFlip first comes at CES 2018. It is expected to be available for sale this year. Even DIY kits are available. In my opinion, the toy could be no more compact.