Apple works on “living hinges” for the MacBook

Apple has been working hard since 2013 to make a number of improvements to its laptops. One such improvement is the question of the hinge. As it turns out, the European Patent Office has just published Apple’s latest applications. These include a bent hinge design for MacBooks.

Apple works on “living hinges” for the MacBook

Apple itself describes its flexible hinge as a “living hinge”. At first glance, it is a technology quite similar to what Microsoft created on the occasion of his Surface Hook and what he called “dynamic fulcrum hinge”. The hinge bends when you open the laptop. By the way, you can disconnect the screen and attach it, for example, on the other side.

The patent description shows that a laptop case can be made of hard material, but with a part that is flexible – exactly in the middle, where the hinge is. This is to allow for smoother opening and closing of the equipment. So it looks like Apple wants to make the case from a single piece of material, including a flexible case part and a hard one.

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For now, of course, it is a song of the future. It’s not clear whether Apple only reserves the right to do so, or whether we’re actually going to see such “live hinges” in the MacBooks in the future. And if you’re interested in buying a MacBook, you can view the price of it. However, these are not cheap things.

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