Android O Download Developers Preview, With New Features From Google

Android O is the new android operating system from Google which starts appearing since October last year. See new features and launching date and download developers preview.

Android O Download Developers Preview, With New Features From Google
Android O Download Developers Preview, With New Features From Google

And after the release of Pixel mobile phone which is really a big move from Google. That is the technical height of the combination of Google hardware and software.

  With the start of year 2017, Google Developers Conferences are approaching to media. According to foreign media CNET which reported that on March 22, Google announced the next generation of Android mobile phone operating system. And this is named as Android O, O for Oreo. But the google officials only provide a preview version to developers.

It is reported that new android operating system will bring a series of improvements. Among them, the new system will adjust the notification center, and provide grouping and more convenient control. As well as the new picture-in-picture mode, which can have ability to watch the video while chatting or using other applications.

In addition, the new system will limit the use of background operations to achieve power-saving purposes. Such as reducing the number of background applications using positioning functions which results in better battery life.

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Android O (Oreo) New Features

  Counting on the advance features of Android O, the most interesting change is about the naming of this new system. In accordance with past practice, this new android operating system it will still use a single letter, which will then expands to candy or a dessert name.

For example, a previous version was named “Nougat”, and the last two generations were named “Marshmallow” (Marshmallow) and “Lollipop” (Lollipop) .Therefore, many people guess the official name of Android O (Oreo) or “Oatmeal cookie” (oatmeal cookies). At present, it is not clear what the final name of new Android OS. But there are rumors that it is most likely to be named Oreo (Oreo).

Launching Date Android Oreo

  Currently, the Android O preview is already available for download by developers. The first devices that support the Android O Developer Preview are Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, and Nexus Player. In addition, Google will present the new operating system in May at the Google I / O conference which will have more detailed introduction of new Android operating system.

Download Android Oreo Developers Preview