Android 11 beta 3 is ready for developers

The third beta version of Android 11 for developers is ready, so you can start testing new features and improvements to the features already in the system.

Exactly one month after the launch of version 2, Google is announcing that Android 11 Beta 3 is ready for developers and offers features such as faster uploading of APK files via the ADB (Android Debug Bridge), allowing applications to be installed much faster.

Wireless debugging

One of the new features of Android 11 Beta 3 is wireless debugging, which consists of debugging via ADB and a device connected via WiFi. Google expects to implement integration or authentication via a QR code that will be integrated into Android Studio (the development environment used by Android app developers).

Google has also included an API that will also help debug and detect errors, as coders will be able to identify the reasons why an application stopped working or closed unexpectedly.

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Another feature that will be released in beta 3 of Android 11 isGWP-ASan will provide Allocation SANity, a feature that detects storage errors that could affect device performance and attempts to strengthen the security of the internal components of the terminal.

Google assures that they have strengthened the operation of their privacy and security-based tools. The Android 11 mobile operating system will allow developers to explore features that go hand in hand with new technologies available on the market.

It should be noted that many of these features work on Google devices such as Pixel 2, 2XL, 3, 3XL, 3a, 4 and 4XL, and are expected to work on newer Android 11 devices. If you would like to download the beta version of Android 11, you can access this link.

The Mountain View-based company expects to release the first public beta of Android 11 in May, in the days leading up to the I/O developer conference that was canceled due to the pandemic.

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