AMD Zen 4, support for DDR5 and USB4 memory to be added in 2022

According to the latest reports, a filtered AMD roadmap shows that Zen 4 Ryzen platforms will support DDR5 memory from the year 2022.

AMD Zen 4 will support DDR5 and USB4 memory from 2022, according to a filtered roadmap

By the year 2022, we ought to have CPUs based on AMD Zen 4. While CPUs are based on a Zen 4 microarchitecture, APUs are listed as Zen 3+, which we’re already seeing today, where APU processors are a generation “behind” conventional models. AMD also plans to introduce DDR5 support for its low-power notebook chips in the same year, bringing DDR5 memory support to Zen 4 and Zen 3+.

In addition to the new memory, the roadmap also foresees that the next DDR5 platform will provide support for USB4. PCIe 4.0 will be retained, however, as it is likely to provide sufficient bandwidth for several years.

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SK Hynix recently published a blog that stated that the company would start mass production of DDR5 chips before the end of this year so that the arrival of DDR5 on AMD platforms in 2022 seems quite reasonable. The memory manufacturer plans to develop the next generation of memory with modules that operate at up to 8400 Mbps and have capacities of up to 64 GB.

AMD Zen 4, support for DDR5 and USB4 memory to be added in 2022

One of the most important improvements that USB 4 will bring is the speed, which will reach 40 GB/s bandwidth. This is the same speed that Thunderbolt 3 achieves today, so the benefits of this type of ultra-fast connection will be standardized in the next two years.