SK Hynix to start mass production of its GDDR6 in three months

Sources close to SK Hynix have reported that the company will start mass production of its GDDR6 memory in just three months, meaning that the arrival of a new generation of graphics cards would be possible in the second half of the year.

SK Hynix to start mass production of its GDDR6 in three months

SK Hynix to supply GDDR6 memory to Nvidia

SK Hynix would then join Micron and Samsung as suppliers of GDDR6 memory for Nvidia. Initially, the production of this memory could be quite low, so the graphics giant will work with all three to ensure a sufficient supply. Nvidia is expected to use GDDR6 memory on all new cards it releases. The use of GDDR6 on low and mid-range cards would allow the same bandwidth to be achieved as with GDDR5, but using fewer chips, a more substantial number of cards could be manufactured to meet the high demand.

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SK Hynix GDDR6 memory is expected to reach a speed of 16 Gb/s, a significant increase over GDDR5, which reaches 9 Gb/s. A single 16Gb GDDR6 chip can deliver the performance and speed of two GDDR5 chips with lower power consumption levels.

GDDR6 memory will be 20% more expensive to produce than GDDR5, although this will improve over time as production increases.