AMD says Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will arrive before the end of the year

With the COVID 19 pandemic disrupting the global economy and bringing product development and production to a standstill, a delay in the launch of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is quite natural. However, AMD, which manufactures the SOCs that these consoles will use, says that these consoles will arrive later this year.

In her concluding profit call, AMD Director Lisa Su said: “We expect our revenues to increase in the second quarter and grow strongly in the second half of the year as we increase production to support the year-end releases of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X.”

For now, Lisa Su says that we will see both consoles at the end of this year and that the company will provide enough chips by then. Even with this increase in production from AMD, it will probably be easier to get to Microsoft’s console than Sony’s.

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According to a recent report, Sony would limit the initial production of the PS5 due to its high price, which could be as high as $549 according to some developers. Let’s hope that this isn’t the case because consoles that come onto the market at expensive prices don’t usually do so well as their rivals.