AMD RYZEN 7 1800X, RYZEN 7 1700X AND RYZEN 1700 Finally Announced for Sale in Market

After four years and thousands of hours of development by AMD. Today come the first three models of the long-awaited range of desktop processors AMD RYZEN 7.

AMD RYZEN 7 1800X, RYZEN 7 1700X AND RYZEN 1700 Finally Announced for Sale in Market
RYZEN 7 1800X, RYZEN 7 1700X AND RYZEN 1700

The attention from consumers against these high performance CPU has generated record figures. In the first stage of the booking for more than 180 online retailers in the week of product launching. Now this becomes available worldwide. The first processor AMD Ryzer architecture based on the innovative AMD “Zen”. That offers incredible performance for gamers. To those who create content and to computer enthusiasts around the world, at extremely competitive prices.

RYZEN 7 Performance

Lisa Su , president and CEO of AMD said,”The launch of Ryzen today represents the best of AMD, company offers excellent products and bringing innovation in the high-end of the computer market. With Ryzen 7 CPU, AMD offers great experience to those who play on PC, professionals and enthusiasts processors for 8-core desktop PC with higher performance. And lower energy consumption in the world, bringing the best PC experience to millions of people Worldwide”.

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The Ryzen 7 series with 8 cores models available today counts to three. They are Ryzen 7 1800x, Ryzen 7 1700X and Ryzen 1700. Prices range from $ 329 to $ 499. And, in terms of performance, they are at a considerable distance from the Intel processors that cost twice as much. But these are only the first three-chip processors Ryzen on the market.

Because AMD plans to launch in the second quarter of processors Ryzen 5 to 6 and 4 cores. And subsequently the CPU Ryzen 3 , designed to take performance even higher applications mainstream. Among the first point out a quad-core Ryzen 5 1500X to 3.5GHz and 65W and a esacore Ryzen 5 1600X to 3.6GHz and 95W. But it should also add CPU H (mobile high-performance), U (standard mobile) and M (mobile low-power).

AMD RYZEN 7 1800X, RYZEN 7 1700X AND RYZEN 1700 Finally Announced for Sale in Market

RYZEN 7 Model Naming

So there is the same naming of these Ryzen 7 to give us some clue as to the provisions in the future.  For example Ryzen 7 1700X and divide the code in figures. Each with its own meaning. Ryzen indicates chips based on AMD architecture Zen. While 7 is the number that identifies the destination. In this case “enthusiast”, then there is one that represents the first generation of the series yet. And 7 which stands for “performance enthusiast “.

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AND 00 is the number of the chip (in this case the first, but could follow 1720, 1750, 1760 …), and finally the X which is synonymous with high performance with XFR (with a higher clock frequency and boost) . The same reasoning applies to Ryzen 1700. but since it lacks the “X” will be a standard desktop processor without XFR. Some of the largest AMD partners and players in the PC world, have already spoken positively on the arrival of Ryzen:

Ryzen HP and Lenovo Contributions

Mike Nash , chief technologist, vice president of HP, “Experiences like gaming, e-sports, and virtual reality push performance beyond the limits. We believe that there are customers who will get benefit of new technology from AMD, HP. And we are pleased to offer these solutions to customers based on Ryzen “.

Jia Johnson , senior vice president, of PCs and Smart Device Business Group, Lenovo says “Lenovo is always looking for new one. And innovative PC solutions that deliver immersive experiences. We are thrilled that our collaboration with AMD will take us to the next level with the revolutionary processors Ryzen”.

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