AMD EPYC Milan shows performance comparable to Xeon

Alleged photos and information about the new generation CPUs from AMD EPYC Milan have been published.

The screenshot of CPU-Z is not very detailed and shows only a subset of the number of cores. It seems that the chip has more than 8 cores. The actual number of cores is unknown, but it seems that the chip could have more than 32 cores depending on the length of the scroll bar. This could be one of the first development patterns of the EPYC Milan CPU based on Zen 3. The report also indicates some specific performance figures of the chip.

According to Yuuki, the next generation of AMD EPYC Milan CPUs from AMD will have single-core performance equivalent to Intel’s Xeon CPUs. It reports a benchmark result of at least 500 points. Again, no specific information is given about which set of benchmarks was used to get the numbers, but if the filtering is based on the CPU Z-score, we see a 23% performance boost over the second-generation EPYC 7742 “Rom” CPU.

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AMD EPYC Milan shows performance comparable to Xeon

The transfer to Cinebench R20 means a performance leap of 25-30% in a single-thread workload, which is a significant increase. This coincides with recent rumors that the CPUs of the EPYC Milan could have 20% more performance than their predecessors.

Finally, it is claimed that this chip ran on a platform with two connectors (2P), which is expected from a first stage EPYC chip. If the performance metrics are right, it is expected that AMD will not only take its multi-threaded leadership to new heights but with its single-core performance, AMD will also displace Intel as the new king of 1T performance and efficiency in the server market. We will keep you up to date.